Wakatipu Wild Reflect on 2022 NZWIHL Season

NZIHL October 24, 2022  382

We talk to Kellye Nelson, Captain of this season’s winning Wakatipu Wild Women’s ice hockey team about the season that’s been and what’s yet to come.

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How did you think the season went?

The 2022 NZWIHL has definitely been one of my favourites, not only because the Wild won but also because how competitive the league was. We were able to finish the season and go away from tournament style scheduling. This allowed for more competitive games and had every team hosting games, which benefits all the players, their families, sponsors, their clubs & supporters.

Were there any key highlights this season?

The Wakatipu Wild had a great roster this season, with a mix of young players and senior players. The highlight for me was winning the gold, it would be hard for that not to be a highlight. Building on that every player on our roster got playing time this season, even those who initially were signed on as development players. That was fun to see and to support everyone as their teammate when they were on the ice. We had a great unit this year both on & off the ice and for me that made this season worth it!

What are your hopes for the future of Wakatipu Wild?

My hopes for the Wild is that we continue to get stronger as a team and organisation, and to keep building and growing every season. I hope we can continue to foster growth and development of women’s hockey in our region as well as give the young girls something to look up to and work towards in the sport. I would also love to be able to have the team going to different tournaments together and have a bit of a longer season. It goes by so quick once that first puck drops.